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How Upgrading The Office HVAC System Leads To Lasting Peace At The Thermostat And Improved Worker Productivity


Keeping peace and productivity at a maximum in the office is a delicate balance of diplomacy and technology when it comes to HVAC management. Fortunately there are now a variety of innovative and sustainable ways to upgrade an office to accommodate staff members' diverse preferences when it comes to the temperatures and ventilation capabilities in their working spaces.

Inventors are thinking outside the HVAC box.

When you have employees who think the office is too hot pitted against employees who complain it's too cold, you may soon have a simmering battle at the thermostat on your hands. Some innovative tinkerers are rethinking how to design offices to make everyone happy.

A few of their ideas include heated foot mats for standing desk workers and individually heated chairs that may someday be connected to HVAC systems. These special office chairs provide personalized levels of comfort while reducing the need to heat an entire office space.

The chairs provide a viable compromise for staff who prefer a cooler office but must accommodate that one office worker who's always complaining about how cold they are. However, with a price tag of $1,900 per chair, it's an expensive solution to the temperature wars.

Zonal heating may be the key to office serenity.

There are a number of new options in zonal HVAC systems which are designed to focus and moderate heated or cooled air in specific rooms.

A zonal system may be as simple as a radiant wall heater placed in a notoriously cold office, or it may involve a more complex system of heat pumps and ventilation systems that allow you to precisely control the temperature in individual office spaces.

The price of these systems will depend on the square footage of the office and the specific zonal system you have installed. Modern zonal systems are extremely energy efficient, however. The cost savings over the lifetime of the new HVAC system should be recouped in short order, especially if your current office HVAC system is outdated and inefficient.

Improve productivity by letting in fresh air.

Recent studies have shown an increase in worker productivity when ventilation in their work spaces is improved. Among respondents working in environments with enhanced ventilation, test scores for cognitive function improved 101 percent over the scores of workers in conventional building environments.

One of the innovative ways to increase fresh air in the office is to install an energy recovery ventilator (ERV). This is a green energy upgrade, because the ERV will recover heated air and thus should lower overall energy costs. ERVs can also help control humidity as they improve ventilation in the office.

Your HVAC professionals will be happy to visit your office and explain all the ways you can upgrade your office heating and air conditioning to make lasting peace at the company thermostat possible. For additional information about HVAC customization, contact a business such as Excellent A/C & Heating LLC


14 December 2015