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Build A Custom Cover For Your Air Conditioning Unit For Winter Protection


Your air conditioning unit goes through a lot through the year. Although it isn't used during the winter, the abuse it sustains can be damaging resulting in costly repairs before you can use it for the summer. To prevent the winter damage, cover the unit with a custom-built wooden cover. This cover will protect it from falling ice, freezing rain and hail. Below, you will learn how to build a custom cover to fit your unit perfectly.

You will need a few supplies, including:

  • 2x4 treated lumber
  • Plywood
  • Pencil
  • Measuring tape
  • Circular saw
  • Four bricks
  • Screws
  • Drill and bits
  • Carpenter's square
  • 8 Corner brackets
  • Weather sealant – paint or varnish
  • Paint brush and/or roller

Get the Measurements

Start by measuring the diameter of the air conditioning unit. Add two inches to each measurement so that you have enough room to easily slide the cover over the unit without damaging it.

Measure and Cut the Wood

Lay the plywood on the ground and measure and mark it using the measurements that you have taken. You will be cutting five panels – one for each side and one for the top. Use the carpenter square to assist with getting the angles perfect so that a perfect box forms when you go to put it all together.

Once you have the lines all drawn, use the circular saw to make the cuts following just outside the lines.

Measure and cut four pieces of the 2x4 lumber to roughly 2 inches in length. When you are done, you should have four 2" by 2" by 4" pieces. These will be used to support the corners of the top when you put it in place.

Construct the Cover

You probably need a little help getting these last steps completed more easily. You will be drilling holes and attaching the corner brackets – one on each corner at the base of the cover and one on each corner 3 inches from the top of the cover. Then, line up the cut 2x4 pieces about ½ inch from the top edge of the cover. These pieces will hold the cover in place.

After you have attached all of the corner brackets, your cover is nearly complete. Use the paint or varnish to seal it and keep it from rotting. Let it dry.

Position the Cover

Now that the box is nearly complete and painted or varnished, it is time to put it in place. Set the four bricks on the ground at each corner of the unit. Get a friend to help you lift the box up over the unit and slide it carefully over setting it on the bricks. The bricks will help to keep the cover secure and prevent it from freezing to the ground.

Now, place the top panel in place and you're done.

This cover will help protect your air conditioning unit from many of the winter elements and hazards that will damage it.

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25 December 2015