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Do you know what it takes to keep your home heating system working efficiently? Most people know that the filters need to be changed from time to time, but exactly when should you be changing them? What type of filter should you be using? Is there anything else that homeowners can do to ensure that the system they rely on to heat and cool their homes operates using as little energy as possible? My blog will show you all sorts of things about maintaining your home heating and cooling system. In the end, you will know just what to do to take care of your home's system.

The ABCWs Of Staying Warm While Waiting On A Heating Repair Service In The Winter


With the bitter cold blowing outside and your heating system under a fair amount of stress to keep the entire house warm, don't be at all surprised if your trusty home heating system just happens to fail at the worst time possible. When a home heating system goes out in the middle of winter, getting in touch with a heating repair service will be your first logical step, but once you have someone on the way, it will become your primary concern to keep everyone warm in the meantime. There is a simple ABC rule set to keep in mind that will help you and your family stay warm and cozy for a bit while you wait on help to arrive. 

Always move everyone to one room in the house. 

It is much easier to contain heat when you are dealing with a small enclosed space. Therefore, getting everyone into one room is the first step you should take if the heat goes out and the temperature in the house is falling fast. Pick a room that has few doors and windows or one that is located in a central part if the house if you can. Partition the room by closing any doors and blocking the doors or entryways with heavy drapes or wool blankets. 

Be sure to block off windows and doors. 

Use heavy blankets, such as those quilted with cotton or wool, to cover any windows or doors leading to the outside. At this point, it will be in your best interest to prevent any cold air from making its way inside of the house in any way possible. 

Consider using a makeshift heat source. 

If you don't have any heat at all available, you may want to consider using a temporary heat source, such as the kitchen oven or even steam from the shower. You can also reap a fair amount of heat by placing inverted terracotta pots over bricks that contain tealight candles. If you have a heating blanket, spread it out on a mattress in the floor and let everyone get good and cozy. 

Don't hesitate to leave if it gets too cold. 

If it is at all possible, when your heat goes out and you have to wait on repairs for a prolonged period, pack everyone into the car and get to safe shelter somewhere else. The heating technician can always give you a call when they get to the house and this is definitely the best solution if you have small children in the house or someone who is elderly.


1 January 2016