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3 Things You Should Have A Plumber Check Before You Buy Your New Home


If you think you've found your dream home, then you may be eager to sign on the dotted line, make the house legally yours, and move right on in. Plumbing issues can make any home unwelcoming, and you don't want to move into your house only to find out that the washer leaks or that your home has outdated plumbing. Since any plumbing issues you encounter after you buy your home will either have to be taken care of by you or in a drawn-out legal battle with the previous owner, it's wise to have your potential home's plumbing issues examined prior to purchasing. Here are 3 things you should hire a plumber to check out before buying your new home.

Plumbing materials

You want a plumber to check all the plumbing pipes and connections to make sure the home is updated with modern plumbing supplies. They will also check for erosion or rust around your toilet or under your sink to indicate slow leaks. Copper piping can crack, and mismatched fittings (such as copper to poly pipe, for example) can result in a loose fit that can cause leaking later. Make sure your potential new home is outfitted with modern plumbing piping before you make your final purchase.

Water heater

You will also want your plumber or an HVAC specialist to check out the home's water heater. A water heater should not have rust in the bottom and should have a layer of protective insulation around its pipes. If it has been properly maintained, it should have been drained to release all the mineral buildup from years of use prior to the seller placing it on the market. Have your water heater fully inspected to make sure it is ready to be used again once you claim home ownership. If it needs to be replaced, a new water heater can cost as much as $3,500, so make sure you bring up this plumbing issue with your seller so you can hopefully recoup this cost in closing.


You want to make sure that drains in your new potential home are free of debris and have healthy drainage, which is something your plumber can check for you. Using a snake with a lighted end, they can inspect your toilet, sinks, and bathtub to make sure there is no debris blocking your drains that can become a larger problem down the line.

Before you buy your dream home, you want to make sure its plumbing is sound. In having your plumber inspect the home prior to buying it, you can help save yourself the cost of repairing plumbing damage that may come as a surprise after purchasing your home otherwise. Visit this web-site for more information.


4 January 2016