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How To Replace The Transformer In A Furnace


Has your furnace suddenly stopped even turning on? Check to make sure the fuse hasn't blown or that the electrical shut-off switch isn't off. If there is no clear reason that the furnace isn't starting, your unit might have a blown transformer.

Are you certain the transformer is the issue? Changing out the transformer isn't hard but you need to be certain you are installing a transformer with the right voltage for your particular unit. Check your owner's manual for help.

What You Need:

  • Pen and paper or digital camera (optional)
  • Screwdriver
  • New transformer

Step 1: Removing the Old Transformer

Turn off all electricity to the furnace using the shut-off switch or circuit breaker. Locate the blower chamber panel on the lower rear of the furnace. Twist the knobs on the panel to unlock it from the furnace. Pull up on the panel to remove the panel from the furnace. Set the panel aside somewhere safe.

You should now see the transformer and its attached wires. Make note of the position of the wires either by writing down the colors and orientation or by taking a picture. There should only be a few wires so if you feel like you can remember the orientation, you can skip the notes. Pull the wires free from the transformer. Note that the ends of the wires are likely similar to phone cords so you only need to gently depress the tab at the end to remove the wire.

Locate the control panel grounding wire that is mounted next to the transformer. Use a screwdriver to remove the wire's mounting screw and pull the wire away from the transformer. Let the wire hang in place inside the furnace.

Remove the mounting screws holding the transformer onto its mounting plate. Pull the old transformer down then out of the furnace and discard.

Step 2: Installing the New Transformer

Position the new transformer on the mounting plate. Secure the transformer into place using the mounting screws. Secure the control board grounding wire to the side of the transformer using the mounting screw.

Connect the transformer wires to the appropriate terminals on the transformer using your notes or picture, if needed. Put the blower chamber panel in place on the furnace and twist the knobs to secure.

Restore electricity at the shut-off or circuit breaker box. Turn on the furnace and allow it to run for a while to see if the problem is solved. If the problem continues, or any new problems pop up, call in a heating repair service.


12 April 2016