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Three Tell-Tale Signs That It's Time To Replace Your Attic Insulation


Insulation does not last forever. How long it lasts will depend on many factors, from the brand of insulation you bought to the moisture levels in your attic. So you'll need to stay on the lookout for the following signs that indicate it's time to replace your attic insulation.

Ice dams are forming on your roof.

Your insulation's job is to prevent heat from escaping through your roof. If heat does escape through your roof in the winter, it will melt some of the snow on the peak of the roof. The water will trickle down, re-freezing at the edge of the roof and forming a shelf of ice – or row of big icicles – often referred to as an ice dam. So, if you're beginning to notice more ice dams on your roof, this is a sign your insulation is no longer doing its job. It has likely begun to compact or break down, which means it needs to be replaced.

There's a musty smell in the attic.

Over time, insulation can absorb moisture and begin to mold. So, if you smell a musty odor when you open up the attic, mold is likely the cause. If you can find the source of the moisture, such as a leak in the roof or a leak in a pipe, and fix that leak, you may only need to replace the insulation that has been directly exposed to the moisture. But if there's no overt leak, the moldiness and moisture buildup has probably resulted from high humidity and a lack of insulation in the attic – and you'll need to replace all of the insulation.

Your upstairs feels draftier than normal.

Have you noticed that your upstairs is not staying as warm as it used to, or that you experience a drafty, chilled feeling in certain areas? While this may be a sign that your windows are giving out or that your HVAC system needs repairs, it can also be an indication that your insulation is failing. It's worth your time to take a quick look at the insulation. If it seems discolored, compacted or moist, it's time to replace it. If the insulation appears to be just fine, you'll want to look into other possibilities like leaky windows or a failing HVAC system.

Replacing your insulation is not a huge or complicated task, but if you're not confident pulling up and replacing the insulation, feel free to contact a specialist, such as those at Leon Muenks Insulation LLC, and have them do it for you.


2 June 2016