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Do you know what it takes to keep your home heating system working efficiently? Most people know that the filters need to be changed from time to time, but exactly when should you be changing them? What type of filter should you be using? Is there anything else that homeowners can do to ensure that the system they rely on to heat and cool their homes operates using as little energy as possible? My blog will show you all sorts of things about maintaining your home heating and cooling system. In the end, you will know just what to do to take care of your home's system.

Things To Consider When A Central Air Conditioner Is Problematic


Does it seem as though your central air conditioning system is wearing out? If you are not satisfied with the amount of air you are receiving from the air conditioner, there might simply be a part that is in need of professional attention. This article covers some of the vital parts of a central air conditioning system that can cause problems when they are not in good shape.

Problematic Air Ducts

If you have never had new air ducts installed and live in an old house, it might be the root of your air conditioning problem. It is possible that the air ducts have become cracked up from normal wear and tear. Cracks lead to air seeping out and system inefficiency. Keep in mind that it is also possible that the air ducts are just dirty and need to be cleaned by a professional.

The Air Handler Has Problems

When the air handler is in bad shape, it might seem as though a central air conditioner needs to be replaced. The handler is vital because it makes it possible for you to receive air in your house. Some of the parts inside of an air handler that might need attention include the blower fan, motor, and filter. However, the entire air handler might possibly need to be replaced if it is worn out.

Warm Air Can't Touch the Metal Evaporator Coil

If warm air is unable to touch the metal evaporator coil, it can cause energy inefficiency. Basically, you might need to get the evaporator coil inspected to make sure dirt isn't creating a barrier between the metal and warm air. You must understand that warm air is able to cool down by touching the metal of the evaporator coil because it is extremely cold.

There Isn't Enough Coolant in the System

Coolant is vital for a central air conditioning system because it helps the evaporator coil to function as it should. The coolant is able to change into a gas that makes the evaporator coil cold. Basically, the coolant consists of water and antifreeze. You might need more water and antifreeze placed inside of your air conditioning system.

The Thermostat is Not in Good Shape

The only problem with your central air conditioning system might be that the thermostat doesn't work right and need to be replaced. You might not actually be setting the temperature to the number that is displayed as you think, which can happen if internal parts are broken. Talk to a contractor about your problematic central air conditioning system to find out what should be done.

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19 July 2016