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Why Industrial Pipes Should Be Insulated


Did the pipes in your warehouse freeze and leave you in the position of having to replace them? If freezing temperatures led to the pipes bursting open, it is likely that they were not properly insulated. When the new pipes are installed, it will be wise to make sure that they are insulated so you can enjoy the numerous benefits that come with the insulation. This article covers a few of the things that make insulating your industrial pipes a good idea.

It Will Take Longer for the Pipes to Freeze Up

The key to preventing your industrial pipes from bursting open again is to slow down the freezing process. If the pipes are properly insulated, it is possible that the exterior temperature will warm up before the pipes are able to freeze to the point of getting damaged. You must keep in mind that some types of industrial-pipe insulation will be more efficient than others, so make sure that you choose wisely. Simply tell the contractor that installs the new pipes that you want the type of insulation that slows down the freezing process to the fullest extent possible. You will likely need insulation that completely wraps around the pipes.

The Temperature of Your Water Will Be More Accurate

The water that comes out of the faucets in your warehouse might not be at an appropriate temperature when the pipes are not insulated. For instance, the temperature on the outside of the pipes can affect the temperature of the water as it flows through. You might end up with water not being as hot as it should be, and that can be frustrating if you need the water to come out at a specific temperature. When industrial pipes are insulated, this keeps the level of heat loss and gain under control. The exterior temperature of the pipes will have little to no effect on the water depending on the quality of insulation that is used.

A Humid Warehouse Won't Affect the Pipes

It is common for warehouses to have humid environments, and that is not good for the pipes. Humidity is one of the main things that can lead to pipes corroding in an untimely manner. Humidity can lead to condensation taking place, and that is something that leaves drops of water on the pipes. The water is what leads to corrosion. Insulated pipes are less likely to corrode from a warehouse being humid because the metal will be protected.


5 January 2017