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Do you know what it takes to keep your home heating system working efficiently? Most people know that the filters need to be changed from time to time, but exactly when should you be changing them? What type of filter should you be using? Is there anything else that homeowners can do to ensure that the system they rely on to heat and cool their homes operates using as little energy as possible? My blog will show you all sorts of things about maintaining your home heating and cooling system. In the end, you will know just what to do to take care of your home's system.

Three Things A Homeowner Should Know About Buying And Installing A New AC System


You may have an old central air conditioning system that you are ready to replace or have been using window units, or perhaps you have no AC at all. Whatever the situation is, before you rush into the purchase and installation of a new AC unit, there are a few things you should know.

You need to buy the right size unit

Although it is better to err on the side of the larger unit, you don't want to buy something that is far too large. It is true that a large unit will cool down your home quickly, but it may do so at the risk of creating a house that is too humid. Although it is easy enough to compare the output capacity of various AC units, which one is best for your home will depend upon many factors, such as the number of people living in your home, how many windows you have, and where the sun is facing those windows are only a few factors. The location of your house is another big factor. Known as a heat-load calculation for a house, this number will give you a good idea of what the output capacity your new AC should be. Online calculators can be found that make this calculation easy for a homeowner.

Take care in selecting an HVAC contractor for installation

Having your AC unit installed properly by a skilled contractor is as important, if not more important, as the brand of AC unit that you purchase. Naturally, the firm should be insured and bonded, but they should have a good reputation and service the units they install. Some HVAC companies have brands they specialize in, so you should look for this in their literature. Always get more than one quote, and make sure it is specific about all of the work that is needed. If this is your first AC unit, existing ducts used for central heating may be good enough for the AC, but this is not always true. They may need to be replaced.

It will change your personal finances

If you currently have no central air in your home, be prepared for your utility bill to go up significantly. However, by adding a central air system to your home, the value of your house will appreciate significantly. How much will depend upon your local real estate market. If you are replacing an older model, then your utility bills will likely drop because today's AC units are more efficient than they have been in the past.

Above all, don't rush into buying a new AC system for your home. It is best to go slow and get all of the information you can and make an informed decision. And don't wait until the hottest months of the year, there will likely be a longer delay for air conditioning installation.


6 February 2019