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What To Know About AC Refrigerant Leaks


Is your air conditioner no longer producing cold air? If so, this could be due to having a refrigerant leak. Refrigerant plays a key role in the air conditioner's operation, since it helps remove heat from your home and chill the air that flows through the vents. Without refrigerant, the system is not going to operate as intended. If you have an air conditioner, it helps to understand what refrigerant leaks happen and how to repair them. 

What Causes Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant is not something that naturally goes away from your air conditioner over time. Once refrigerant is in the system, it is going to stay there until it somehow escapes through a leak. However, leaks are not exactly something that you can prevent or easily identify as a homeowner with central air conditioning. 

A common cause of refrigerant leaks is vibrations. These happen from the compressor operating and causing the refrigerant lines to shake. This can cause a pipe to become damaged, which will cause the refrigerant to leak out unexpectedly. Leaks can also happen due to the joints in the refrigerant line becoming failing over time. 

How To Identify Refrigerant Leaks

You'll want to hire an HVAC technician to help identify a leak in your refrigerant lines so that it can be repaired. Of all the techniques that can be done, one of them is possible to do on your own. You can actually cover the refrigerant lines with soapy water and see how it reacts on the line. If the leak is in a place where the refrigerant is coming out, you'll notice that bubbles form from refrigerant or air coming out of the pipe.

A professional will do things a bit differently. Refrigerant leaks can be identified with something as simple as a refrigerant detector. It is capable of sensing the refrigerant is in the air, and they will use it around all components of the air conditioner where air conditioning can leak out. The other method is to use an ultraviolet dye. The technician will put the dye into the air conditioner where the refrigerant will go and allow the air conditioner to run. A special light is then used to identify the dye as it is leaking out, which will pinpoint which part of the air conditioner that needs repair.

Contact an air conditioning repair technician to not only find and fix the leak, but to refill the air conditioner with more refrigerant. 


16 July 2019