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Six Things You Can Do For Your Air Conditioner During The Winter Months


You might not give your air conditioner much thought during the winter months. While your air conditioner might not be getting much use right now, the winter is a good time to take care of some simple air conditioner service needs so you're all set when the temperature goes up again. 

Here are six things you might want to do for your air conditioner during the winter months so that you know your AC unit is ready to be put back into operation during the coming spring. 

Switch out the air filter

When you have a moment, switch out the air filter in your AC unit. This is a simple AC maintenance task that's easy to overlook when you're in a hurry to cool down your hot and humid home once the temperature has gone up. 

Make sure your air conditioner unit is staying level

It's a good idea to use your level to make sure that the positioning of your AC unit isn't shifting as the ground shifts with changing temperatures. Some AC units need to stay level to maintain their efficiency and avoid malfunctions. 

Clean your air conditioner

You may find that it's easier to give your AC unit a complete cleaning when it's not running than when your unit's on and all its moving parts are in operation.

You should clean parts like the evaporator coil, drain, blower filter, and exterior. Cleaning your AC unit ensures efficient air flow and helps improve air quality in your home when your AC unit is running. 

Clean the surrounding area

If clutter regularly builds up around your AC unit, take some time to clean the surroundings. Clutter around your AC unit obstructs airflow and prevents efficient operation. 

Have an inspection performed by your HVAC technician

If you have an inspection performed by your HVAC technician now, you can be confident that you won't run into malfunctions right away when your unit is in use again in the spring and summer.

Your HVAC technician can give you a heads-up on maintenance and repair needs. This way, you won't have to wait uncomfortably in the heat to restore your unit to working order after the temperature rises again. 

Schedule an air conditioner installation

The winter months are a good time to have a replacement air conditioner installed. AC installation technicians will have a clearer schedule than they will once things heat up and everyone is looking for AC service. 

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22 January 2020