Sewer Line Replacement Or Descaling?


If you have a problem with your pipes, you might turn to a plumber with questions. Sometimes you end up with more questions than answers. Unfortunately, you are left to deal with backups and clogs in the meantime. Your plumber may have told you that your entire sewer line may benefit from a replacement. While this is true in many cases, you might want to consider if descaling is the better option.

30 April 2019

Looking For More Cost-Efficient Cooling This Summer? 3 Things To Do


Cooling costs can take a big bite from the household budget, especially when the home is in a location where average summer temperatures routinely hit triple digits. So, finding ways to reduce these costs is something that many homeowners want to accomplish. If you are longing for summer, but dreading the costs associated with using your home air conditioning system, here are three simple tips that can help you find the relief you need.

22 March 2019

Three Things A Homeowner Should Know About Buying And Installing A New AC System


You may have an old central air conditioning system that you are ready to replace or have been using window units, or perhaps you have no AC at all. Whatever the situation is, before you rush into the purchase and installation of a new AC unit, there are a few things you should know. You need to buy the right size unit Although it is better to err on the side of the larger unit, you don't want to buy something that is far too large.

6 February 2019

How You Can Keep Your Residential Air Conditioning Unit In The Best Possible Shape


If you have a residential air conditioning system for your home, you will want to do all you can to keep it in the best shape possible. This will ensure that you will not have to be without cool air in your home. To do this, you will want to take a look at the following residential AC maintenance tips. Check On The Drain Hose Your central air conditioning unit should have a small plastic drain hose that will come out of the side of it.

29 December 2018

Three Ways To Succeed With Your Winter Plumbing


When you need for your household to get you through the worst situations, it's important to make the plumbing ready for winter. Since there are a lot of different plumbers that you can turn to and lots of little fixes that can help your home, winter is something that you can look forward to with warmth, not dread. Utilize these steps so that you get what you need for your plumbing throughout the holidays and beyond.

19 November 2018

Top Reasons To Hire A Professional HVAC Service


Most people rely on their HVAC system to heat and cool their homes throughout the year. Since HVAC systems are used so regularly, it is not surprising that they are considered one of the most important appliances a home can have. Thus, it is not surprising that HVAC systems need to be regularly serviced and may need repairs from time to time. Even if you consider yourself handy and like to take care of home maintenance and repairs on your own, it is always in your best interest to hire a professional HVAC service to take care of your HVAC system.

15 October 2018

Common Concerns About Radiant Heat Flooring


Radiant heat flooring is probably one of the least common types of home heating, and for this reason many homeowners simply do not know a lot about it. Take a look at some of the common concerns homeowners tend to have about radiant heat flooring and the facts you should know.  Is radiant heat flooring difficult to remove? Radiant flooring is a little more difficult to remove than a traditional heat system because it is basically integrated into the floor of the house.

12 September 2018

3 HVAC Tips For Your Vacation Home


Having a heating and air conditioning system in your vacation home is critical if you want to be able to stay comfortable when you're visiting. However, there are a few things about HVAC ownership in a vacation home that you might not have thought about. These are a few tips that can help you with the HVAC system for your vacation home. 1. Ensure It's Sufficient for the Climate in the Area

10 August 2018

Improving The Performance Of Your Air Conditioner


Surviving the months of punishing summer heat will require your air conditioning system to work at peak efficiency. When you find that the heat is starting to overwhelm your air conditioning system, there are several ways to help boost the performance of the system to help compensate for the extreme heat. Clean The Vents And Ducting Dirty and clogged vents or ducts will severely inhibit the cooling power of your system.

9 July 2018

The Importance Of Professional HVAC Services


Even if you do not have the time or skill to maintain your HVAC system on your own, it is very important that you at least schedule annual professional maintenance. Having a professional come to your home to inspect your system and make repairs, if necessary, is something that could end up saving you money. That is, even though it will cost about $50 to have a professional technician perform a basic service call, it can be much more expensive to make repairs that are caused by poor long-term maintenance.

31 May 2018