8 Steps To Prepare Your Window A/C For Winter


To keep energy costs low during the winter time, many homeowners opt to store their windows air conditioners until the weather warms up again. If you are planning to follow suit, it is important that you take the time to properly prepare the air conditioner for storage. Here are several tips are ensuring your air conditioner is properly prepared.  Turn it off. In the few days leading up to removing the air conditioner unit from the window, you need to ensure that it is not used.

31 December 2015

Boost Your AC Efficiency With House Fans


The acronym HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. When most people take steps to heat and cool their home, they focus on heating and cooling as in installing a furnace and AC unit. These units can improve the comfort in a home, but they can also cost a lot of money. In fact, the two most expensive home appliances to operate are the AC unit and the furnace. If you want to cool your home more efficiently so that you can save yourself money, you should use a house fan to help cool your home.

29 December 2015

Build A Custom Cover For Your Air Conditioning Unit For Winter Protection


Your air conditioning unit goes through a lot through the year. Although it isn't used during the winter, the abuse it sustains can be damaging resulting in costly repairs before you can use it for the summer. To prevent the winter damage, cover the unit with a custom-built wooden cover. This cover will protect it from falling ice, freezing rain and hail. Below, you will learn how to build a custom cover to fit your unit perfectly.

25 December 2015

4 Tips For Keeping Your House Warm This Winter


As the weather gets colder many people are wondering what they can do to keep their houses warm. It may seem like the only way to keep everyone in the house comfortable is to crank up the heat, thus, making your gas bill incredibly expensive. Luckily, there are some things that you can do in the winter to keep your house comfortable without breaking the bank. Here are a couple simple tips.

23 December 2015

How To Discharge An Air Conditioner's Start Capacitor Ahead Of Testing


Central air conditioning units involve several electrical elements that keep the moving parts working as the refrigerant fuel moves through the system. One of those electrical elements is the start capacitor, which helps start up the system when you turn down the thermostat.  If your air conditioner has stopped cooling efficiently or altogether, the unit might have a failing or failed start capacitor. You can test the capacitor yourself with an ohmmeter or multi-meter with a capacitor setting.

21 December 2015

5 Benefits Of Mini Split AC Units


If you've traveled to Asia or Europe, you've most likely noticed and used mini split air conditioner units in your hotel or vacation rental. These small, wall-mounted AC units have long been popular in other parts of the world and are now gaining popularity in the United States as well. If you are looking into your options for a new AC system, you may want to keep these benefits of mini split air conditioning units in mind:

17 December 2015

3 Problems A Bad Filter Can Cause With Your Furnace


If you've noticed that your furnace hasn't been working in its usual way, it can often be traced back to one or two reasons. One component which many homeowners easily overlook that can cause heating problems is the furnace's filter. Changing and keeping the filter clean can easily solve several problems. The three following problems are often traced to a clogged or damaged filter. Furnace putting out little or no heat:

16 December 2015

How To Fix The Power Supply Of Your Condensing Unit


Is your air conditioner acting up? Even just having an HVAC specialist come to your property to look at your ailing AC system can cost upwards of $100. However, if you have a ground condenser unit, there's a good chance that you can fix many of the most common problems on your own. If your AC unit is mounted on your roof, especially if it is a slanted roof, you should probably let the professionals service it.

15 December 2015

Tips For Troubleshooting Your Heater When You Have No Heat


If your heater breaks down in the cold months, then you might be in a big rush to get it fixed. However, you don't necessarily need to go out and hire a professional to do so. In fact, a great many heater problems can be diagnosed and fixed by the average homeowner. To help you do so, here are some tips for dealing with a heater that gives no heat at all:

15 December 2015

How Upgrading The Office HVAC System Leads To Lasting Peace At The Thermostat And Improved Worker Productivity


Keeping peace and productivity at a maximum in the office is a delicate balance of diplomacy and technology when it comes to HVAC management. Fortunately there are now a variety of innovative and sustainable ways to upgrade an office to accommodate staff members' diverse preferences when it comes to the temperatures and ventilation capabilities in their working spaces. Inventors are thinking outside the HVAC box. When you have employees who think the office is too hot pitted against employees who complain it's too cold, you may soon have a simmering battle at the thermostat on your hands.

14 December 2015