3 Tips For Winterizing A Central Air Conditioner


Many homeowners leave their central HVAC system on "heat" all winter long. Even when you are not using your air conditioner, it is still important to keep it protected from cold weather. Here are three tips that can keep your central air conditioner in good condition through the coldest winter. Insulate Condensate Drain Lines The pipes that run out of the back of your air conditioner's outdoor condenser unit are known as the condensate drain lines.

12 December 2015

Get The Most Out Of Your Heat With Energy Saving Tips


With winter well on it's way, it is important to make sure your heating unit is functioning properly so you can stay warm. The number of service calls for heating rises during this time of year, and sometimes the issue is just a matter of performing a few simple steps you can do yourself to maximize your heater's effectiveness. Here are some useful tips to help you ensure you're getting the most out of your home's heating unit and to help you you can save on energy costs.

11 December 2015

Three Ways To Reduce The Usage Of Your Furnace And Save Money


Having a high-efficiency furnace in your home can result in utilities bills that are lower than you might expect, but you can also take some extra steps to ensure your monthly bill is even friendlier to your bank account. Adopting some habits that can reduce your furnace usage don't have to leave you in the cold. Rather, a variety of simple changes can be subtle enough that you'll barely notice them, except for the positive impact they leave on your utilities bill.

10 December 2015