The Importance Of Professional HVAC Services


Even if you do not have the time or skill to maintain your HVAC system on your own, it is very important that you at least schedule annual professional maintenance. Having a professional come to your home to inspect your system and make repairs, if necessary, is something that could end up saving you money. That is, even though it will cost about $50 to have a professional technician perform a basic service call, it can be much more expensive to make repairs that are caused by poor long-term maintenance.

31 May 2018

A Look At Two Heating System Options For Your Home


If you plan to build a new home, one thing you'll need to decide is how you will heat it to stay comfortable in the winter. Two options you might consider are radiant floor heating and a traditional gas or electric furnace. Here's a look at each of these options. Radiant Floor Heating A radiant floor heating system consists of hot water coils or electrical cables that are built into the underside of the floor in your home.

19 April 2018

Why You Shouldn't Try To Install Your Own Thermostat


When your home has an aging, damaged, or poorly calibrated thermostat controlling the central heating and cooling system, you will pay more monthly for your energy bills and experience less comfort year round. Both your air conditioning and heating equipment will experience similar issues when the cause lies within the thermostat on the wall. You may be tempted to pick up a thermostat at the local hardware store and attempt a DIY installation to save a little money.

14 March 2018

Beyond Looks: Four Other Benefits Of Having A Fireplace Installed


If you want to add a beautiful ambiance to your room, you might be considering having a fireplace installed. Doing so will add a focal point to your wall, as well as a warm source of light. But there are many benefits, other than appearance, that come with having a fireplace in your home. Here are four other benefits of having a fireplace installed. Inexpensive Heat If you live in a cold climate, then you probably spend a hefty sum heating your home.

24 January 2018